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  • Cancer never rests, but you need to. 

    What are YOU waiting for? 

    Veran Medical Technologies enables early detection of suspected cancerous lesions in the lungs, kidneys and liver. No other solution provides the confidence and peace-of-mind you need to fight the battle, because not knowing what your're up against is simply not an option. 

  • Early detection saves lives.

    What are YOU waiting for?

    Early detection of cancerous lesions greatly enhances the survival rate regardless of where these lesions are located. "Watchful waiting" is not an empowering or reassuring prescription - especially when you are the one doing the waiting.

    Ask your healthcare provider about Veran and the benefit of early detection. Find a physician now.

  • Electromagnetic Navigation. 

    What are YOU waiting for?

    Computer assisted surgery from Veran allows your physician to locate the  position of lesions in your body and provides a roadmap on how to reach, identify and treat these lesions faster and earlier than ever before.

    You can't beat what you can't see. Ask your healthcare provider about how Veran can help you win. What are you waiting for?

  • To estimate your risk of lung cancer and learn about ways to lower that risk, please take teh Risk Assessment Survey.

Avoid "Watchful Waiting"

Cancerous lesions grow at an alarming rate, often doubling in size within 30 days.[1][2][3] With Veran Medical Technologies' ground-breaking navigation system, there is no need to take the risks associated with 'watchful waiting.'

Veran Medical’s computer-assisted procedure helps generate a 3-dimensional roadmap of a patient’s body, allowing surgeons to navigate to lesions – even those located in the delicate areas around organs like lungs, kidneys and liver. Physicians can see more clearly than ever before an ideal route to reaching cancerous lesions without the guesswork normally associated with treating hard-to-reach lesions.

Early Detection Saves Lives, Veran

Knowledge is Power

Veran Medical Technologies Procedural Animation for Endobronchial and Percuteneous procedures.

Veran Medical Technologies - helping hospitals rise to a higher level.

Spin Drive Home ImageSeeing more lesions. Saving more lives.

SPiNDrive® 2.0

Veran’s SPiNDrive 2.0 uses the natural airways of the lungs as its roadway to reaching lesions deep within the lungs that would otherwise go undetected or worse yet, untreated.

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