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About Veran

About Veran

Veran has been empowering earlier cancer diagnoses since 2005. Our mission is to save lives by helping doctors diagnose cancer earlier and provide precision guidance to deliver potentially lifesaving therapy.

Exceptional technology matched by exceptional leadership

The Veran leadership team has spearheaded innovation at leading medical device start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. Our deep expertise fuels our work and enables us to engineer cost-effective solutions that go beyond the limitations of traditional navigation systems.

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Veran Timeline

December 2

Veran Founded

Our founders join forces from leading medical device companies to create innovative navigational technologies that will empower earlier cancer diagnoses.

January 2

SPiN IR system receives initial FDA 510(k) approval

December 2

SPiN System receives initial FDA 510(k) approval 

June 2

First generation IR system launches

Our revolutionary navigated interventional radiology platform enables more providers to access off-plane targets like never before.

December 2

1000 IR procedures performed

December 2

SPiN Drive launches in the pulmonary market 

Our innovative navigated bronchoscopy platform gives providers unrivaled accuracy and visualization—helping them speed time to diagnosis.

June 2

Second generation SPiN System™ launches in the U.S. pulmonary market 

December 2

SPIN System™ launches in Asia Pacific 

June 2

First SPiN Perc™ procedure performed

SPiN Perc™ gives providers unprecedented procedural flexibility—enabling them to approach the target percutaneously in the same visit.

December 2

2500 SPiN System™ procedures

June 2

Major study published

The Effect of Respiratory Motion on Pulmonary Nodule Location During Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy

December 2

5000 SPiN System™ procedures

December 2

Major studies published

Community hospital experience using electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy system integrating tidal volume computed tomography mapping. View the study.

Electromagnetic navigation transthoracic needle aspiration for the diagnosis of pulmonary nodules: a safety and feasibility pilot study. View the study.

Initial Experience Using 4D Electromagnetic Navigation Bronchoscopy System with Tip Tracked Instruments for Localization of Peripheral Lung Nodules. View the study.

December 2

10,000 SPiN System™ procedures

SPIN System™  Indications for Use

  • The SPiN Thoracic Navigation System is a stereotactic accessory for Computed Tomography (CT) and endoscopic bronchoscopy systems. The SPiN Thoracic Navigation System™ is indicated for displaying:
    • An interventional instrument, such as a biopsy needle, an aspiration needle or an ablation needle on a computer monitor that also displays a CT-based model of the target organ(s)
    • Images of the tracheobronchial tree to aid a physician in guiding endoscopic tools, catheters or guidewires in the pulmonary tract

SPiN IR™ Indications for Use

  • SPiN IR™ is a stereotactic accessory for Computed Tomography (CT) or 3D fluoroscopic x-ray systems. It compensates for the patient’s respiratory phases and is intended for use in clinical interventions and for anatomical structures where computed tomography, 3D fluoroscopic x-ray or ultrasound are currently used for visualizing such procedures. SPiN IR is indicated for displaying:
    • An interventional instrument, such as a biopsy needle, an aspiration needle or an ablation needle on a computer monitor that also displays a CT-based or 3D fluoroscopic x-ray-based model of the target organ(s)
    • Overlaying ultrasound images onto the model of the target organ(s).