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SPiN Access Catheter™ Used to Access Left Upper Lobe

Dr. Satish Kalanjeri

Chief of Interventional Pulmonology

Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital

Columbia, MO

Patient Information: 68 y/o, M

Scan Protocol: Veran Inspiration/Expiration CT Scan Protocol

Nodule: LUL 16mm

Target Motion: 25mm

Biopsy Result: Infection

Instruments Used: Always-On Tip Tracked® Serrated Forceps, SPiN Flex™ Needle, & SPiN Access Catheter™

Conclusion: Antibiotic Regimen / Speech & Swallow Therapy


“We wanted to err on the side of caution given the patient’s history of lung cancer. The SPiN Access Catheter™ helped us reach the area of interest within the left upper lobe and ultimately aided in finding an answer for the patient.”

Patient History
This 68-year-old male was diagnosed with stage I lung cancer two years prior and underwent a wedge resection. Follow-up surveillance revealed a lesion within the left upper lobe (LUL). This suspicious lesion progressed rapidly over the course of a three-month period.

A same-day Inspiration / Expiration CT-scan was performed using Veran’s CT protocol, which confirmed the presence of the LUL lesion. Dr. Kalanjeri utilized SPiN Planning® software to segment the 16mm lesion located within the LUL. The software helped determine that the target was moving approximately 25mm between respiratory phases.

Dr. Kalanjeri started the procedure with EBUS to complete a full-staging of lymph nodes. Once this was complete, he transitioned to navigation. Dr. Kalanjeri utilized the SPiN Access Catheter™ to reach the LUL target. Once in place, he utilized the tip-tracked serrated forceps and SPiN Flex™ needle to obtain biopsies of the lesion. Radial EBUS was utilized for a real-time conformation of target location. After obtaining ten core biopsies and four FNAs, Dr. Kalanjeri concluded the procedure with a BAL using the SPiN Access Catheter™.

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