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Early cancer detection means everything

An early cancer diagnosis is extremely powerful. It means you can take control and begin interventions sooner. We engineered the SPiN System® to help physicians secure an earlier diagnosis—and guide the therapy that’s right for you.

SPiN Cart

About the SPiN System®

  • The SPiN System® is used for electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopies
  • It empowers physicians to capture accurate pulmonary nodule samples in one procedure

About electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy

  • Electromagnetic navigation bronchoscopy (ENB) is a minimally invasive procedure used to biopsy pulmonary nodules
  • Your physican collects a small sample from the nodule for testing
  • ENB typically lasts 30–45 minutes when your physician uses the SPiN System®
  • You’ll be sedated during the procedure

Why physicians choose the SPiN System®

  • Electromagnetic sensors on SPiN System® instruments provide a clear line of sight to the nodule
  • The SPiN System® generates a 3D map based on exhalation, so your physician can track nodules that move when you breathe
  • Your physician can switch from an endobronchial (airways) to a percutaneous (chest cavity) approach in the same procedure, so you don’t have to delay results or schedule another visit

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