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New GPS Technology Aids in Radiology Procedures at French Hospital

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September 16, 2010 – French Hospital Medical Center

French Hospital Medical Center (FHMC) is now equipped with the Veran IG4, a new “GPS” navigation system for needles and tools used in interventional radiology procedures including electrical, thermal or chemical tumor ablations, abscess drainages and suspicious mass lesion biopsies. The IG4 enhances FHMC’s ability to provide the highest quality patient care in diagnostic and treatment imaging. FHMC and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles are the first hospitals on the entire West Coast, encompassing CA, OR, WA, AZ, NV, UT, to utilize this important new emerging medical technology. Funding for the new medical equipment was supported by a grant from the George Hoag Family Foundation.

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About Veran Medical Technologies

Veran is a privately held medical device company headquartered in St. Louis, MO. The company’s mission is to empower physicians to diagnose cancer earlier and to enable precision therapy to save lives. In the United States, lung cancer kills more people each year than breast, prostate, pancreatic and colon cancers combined.

Veran has developed and commercialized an FDA cleared, next generation electromagnetic thoracic navigation platform called the SPiN Thoracic Navigation System®. Veran’s breakthrough technology has been adopted by leading cancer centers throughout the United States. Veran provides physicians with a full line of bronchoscopic brushes, needles, forceps and steerable catheters with tiny electromagnetic sensors embedded in the tips for precise navigation. The combination of these proprietary Always-On Tip Tracked® instruments and Veran’s exclusive patient respiratory gating technology enables physicians to accurately access lung nodules by accounting for nodule movement during patient breathing, a common challenge for lung specialists.

Another challenge lung specialists face is that approximately 40% of lung nodules lie outside of an airway, making them very difficult to reach endobronchially, and traditionally requiring an additional procedure. Veran’s SPiN Thoracic Navigation System® is the first and only FDA cleared technology that enables Pulmonologists or Thoracic Surgeons to safely and accurately access lung nodules outside of an airway using SPiN Perc®, a navigated transthoracic needle. With SPiN Perc®, Veran combines endobronchial navigation with percutaneous navigation, allowing physicians to access all lung nodules in a single procedure, regardless of nodule size or location. This eliminates the cost and risk of unnecessary procedures and empowers physicians to provide a same day diagnosis for their patients. The early diagnosis and treatment of lung cancer has been proven to save lives.

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