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Navigated bronchoscopy

Successful diagnostic bronchoscopy requires exceptional planning and navigation technology. The SPiN System® uses a dynamic 3D road map and Respiratory Gating technologies to guide your path to the target—even as it moves. Inhale. Exhale. Bullseye.

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How it works

Navigated bronchoscopy - scan


The SPiN System® generates an exceptionally accurate 3D map of the lungs based on Veran’s Inspiration/Expiration CT Scan Protocol. Stickers (vPads®) equipped with electromagnetic sensors are placed on the patient’s chest prior to CT scans and remain in place during the procedure to help guide navigation and track patient breathing.

Navigated bronchoscopy - plan


Laptop-based SPiN Planning® software converts the scans and creates a dynamic 3D map that lets physicians customize their views and select the targets. The SPiN System’s® proprietary algorithms account for anatomical challenges and calculate the shortest path to the lesion.

Navigated bronchoscopy - dive


vPads® enable automatic registration and dynamic referencing throughout the entire procedure. Respiratory gating technology communicates with the vPads® 20x per second to track respiratory movement. Revolutionary Always-On Tip Tracked® Instruments feature electromagnetic sensors that continuously guide and track the path to the target throughout the entire procedure—even during biopsy.



Navigated Bronchoscopy Instruments

Always-On Tip Tracked® Needles, Brushes and Forceps are used like conventional tools, so there is a minimal learning curve.

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A versatile platform that scales with your cancer treatment program

In a single procedure, the SPiN System® can be optimized for a variety of bronchoscopic interventions:

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