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SPiN Perc Lung Access

Navigated TTNA: SPiN Perc®

By transcending current procedural limitations of bronchoscopy, SPiN Perc® helps you speed time to diagnosis and get the answers you need. SPiN Perc® empowers you to choose your approach, and reach challenging targets—like the 40% of peripheral lung nodules that lie outside the airway1,2—percutaneously.


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How it works

SPiN Perc® helps you locate and reach nodules when no bronchus sign is present. Use SPiN Perc® to seamlessly transition from Navigated Bronchoscopy to Navigated TTNA in a single procedure, and capture even smaller nodules in the periphery of the lung—all while accessing the shortest path to the target.



SPiN Perc Instruments

Always-On Tip Tracked® Needles, Brushes and Forceps are used like conventional tools, making the learning curve minimal. The SPiN Perc® Kit includes:

  • Always-On Tip Tracked® 19ga x 10.5cm SPiN Perc® Needle
    Also available in 15.5cm length
  • 20ga x 15cm FNA Needle
    Also available in 20cm length­
  • 20ga x 15cm Core Biopsy Gun
    Also available in 20cm length
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A versatile platform that scales with your cancer treatment program

In a single procedure, the SPiN System® can be optimized for a variety of bronchoscopic interventions:

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  1. Naidich DP, et al. Solitary pulmonary nodules: CT bronchoscopic correlation. Chest. 1988.

  2. Shinagawa N. Factors related to diagnostic sensitivity using an ultrathin bronchoscope under CT guidance. Chest. 2007