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The SPiN Drive® Software Upgrade

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SPiN Perc Ablation Modeling

Navigate for percutaneous ablation therapy and display 150+ 3D tissue ablation models for over 50 different ablation probes.


New Heads Up Display (HUD) helps physicians align SPiN Perc™ angle and trajectory in seconds.

SPiN Perc Fiducial Placement

Fiducial marker placement is now available with SPiN Perc™. The fiducials can be visualized on an incorporated virtual fluoro view and will also appear in an exportable fiducial marker report.

VR View

A Volume Rendered (VR) 3D view that allows vessels, airways and lung tissue to be seen along the selected pathway. Visualize the airway-vessel relationship in order to avoid vessels.

Oblique View

Visualize CT scan in the plane of the instrument trajectory, and then rotate this oblique view 360 degrees to quickly find hard to reach targets.

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