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Veran Videos

Veran’s SPiN System is challenging traditional approaches to bronchoscopy and redefining the standard of care for early lung cancer diagnosis and precision thoracic guidance for treatment. See how the SPiN System works and hear what others are saying.

Procedure Overview

vPad Placement Overview

See how vPad™ placement helps guide navigation and track patient breathing

CT Scan Protocol Overview

See how the Veran CT Scan Protocol fuels more accurate planning and navigation

SPiN Planning Overview

See how SPiN Planning™ helps to locate target nodules and plot the path to sampling

SPiN Drive® Navigated Bronchoscopy

See how SPiN Drive® navigated bronchscopy drives higher diagnostic yields

Veran SPiN Perc Procedure Overview

See how SPiN Perc™ gives physicians flexibility to seamlessly transition to navigated TTNA

Localization: Fiducial Placement Overview

See how the SPiN System™ makes precise fiducial placement possible

Dye Marker Overview

See how the SPiN System™ provides precision guidance for dye injection and hook wires

Two full SPiN™ Procedures at UAB

Watch two end to end Veran procedures at UAB.