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Take control with the SPiN Thoracic Navigation System® a revolutionary platform that puts you in control of bronchoscopic yields to help speed time to diagnosis and give you the answers you need.

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Locate Airways


Groundbreaking software generates a dynamic 3D road map of the airways for optimal planning and navigation—even as nodules move during respiration.


Sensors in sampling instruments allow you to continuously visualize the target and accurately capture tissue endobronchially or percutaneously in a single procedure.


The SPiN System® gives you the power to achieve your goals in a single procedure—whether it’s getting a diagnosis or preparing tissue for treatment.


The SPiN System® provides precision guidance for dye injection and hook wires for localization before surgical resection. Always-On Tip Tracked® Instruments provide navigation during localization via endobronchial or transthoracic approaches.

SPiN Drive® Navigated Bronchoscopy


Veran SPiN Perc® Procedure Overview


Two full SPiN® Procedures at UAB


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